The Project edutales

Slide Das Projekt Edutales

What is is a project that was created as part of the cross-border project SESAM GR ‘. SESAM GR ’is a cross-border project of more than 20 partners from the regions of Lorraine, Luxembourg, Saarland, the Federation of Wallonia and Brussels, East Belgium and Rhineland-Palatinate. The main task of the project funded by the European joint initiative “Interreg” is to provide innovative answers to the challenges of a globalized, multicultural and digitized society. Since February 2021, the VCRP (Virtual Campus Rhineland-Palatinate) has been involved in the SESAM GR ’project as a sub-project partner and has launched the website for this purpose. This promotes the approach of storytelling in teaching with regard to the above-mentioned social issues.

Change of Perspective

The active, non-linear discussion of different topics opens up access to different perspectives and increases problem-solving skills.

Innovative, creative learning

edutales breaks down well-known teaching-learning patterns and offers an active, innovative and creative approach to acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Equal togetherness

Working in small groups promotes communication and social skills. Everyone can contribute their skills individually and on an equal footing.

Objectives for the edutales project

The aim of the project is to provide information, tutorials, material and best practice examples on the edutales portal for teachers and students who want to incorporate interactive, narrative hypervideos into the classroom and / or create them independently. A central didactic method is that of storytelling. This makes it possible to turn away from purely linear, passive structures of action towards users who experience new perspectives through non-linear, narrative paths and active decisions and are sensitized to the conveyed content in several dimensions. Even complex, thematic questions can be designed in this way in a very interesting, immersive and competence-oriented manner. The main focus is on the topics of democracy, interculturality, the environment and digitization.

A comprehensive learning booklet on storytelling in teaching, a suitable canvas with step-by-step instructions through the individual development and production phases through to the finished media product, as well as tutorials and best practice examples can be found in the method case.

On the Settings page you will also find examples for different didactic uses. These range from individual lessons (e.g. substitute hours or hours after the end of grades) to longer sequences (such as project or topic weeks), which can also be carried out across classes or classes.

The project partners at a glance


The Virtual Campus Rhineland-Palatinate (VCRP) is a joint scientific institution of all universities in the state founded by the Conference of State University Presidents (LHPK) in 2000. For more than 20 years, the VCRP has made an effective contribution to anchoring digital media in a variety of ways.


INTERREG Greater Region

The INTERREG Greater Region program promotes cross-border cooperation between local and regional partners from the different areas of the Greater Region (consisting of the four EU member states Luxembourg-Belgium-Germany-France). The cross-border cooperation is intended, among other things, to strengthen the economic, social and territorial cohesion of the large regional area.


Technische Universität Kaiserslautern

The Technische Universität Kaiserslautern is the only technical and scientific university in Rhineland-Palatinate. As a campus university with around 14,900 students, it offers a wide range of courses in twelve different subject areas.



SESAM’GR is a cross-border educational project in the Greater Region. With over 20 partners from the formal and non-formal education sector, who come from all 6 regions of the Greater Region – Lorraine, Luxembourg, Saarland, the Federation of Wallonia and Brussels, East Belgium and Rhineland-Palatinate and thus 6 different education systems and a total budget of 7.28 Million euros is the largest school education project in Europe.