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What is edutales?

Once upon a time – This is how many stories begin and how they invite young and old to dream and reflect. Our edutales platform deals with the magic of storytelling, but also brings innovative answers to the challenges of a globalized, multicultural and digitized society. It is no longer just about pure reflection, but also about the fascinating possibility of a change of perspective, about actively participating and creatively producing your own stories.

edutales is part of the cross-border project SESAM GR ‘ and is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (short EFRE). This understands how to give children and adolescents the necessary key skills from an early age, so that they can develop freely, act self-reflectively and participate in our fast-paced society. On this platform you will find a lot of information on “storytelling in teaching”, elaborated didactic materials for direct integration in the classroom, as well as handouts for the production of your own storytelling products. edutales deals with a total of four focal points.


Promotion of media skills, the ability to criticize, as well as the ability to make judgments through the (inter) active examination of operational scenarios and the production of own examples.


Ideas and lines of action on the subject of “democracy education” to promote responsible, democratic and holistic action in society.


Suggestions and ideas for deeper discovery and discussion of cultural, linguistic or religious diversity, as well as their appreciation and awareness raising.


Teaching materials and impulses for further training of a responsible, sustainable and reflective awareness of our ecosystem and the environment.

A Guide to edutales


Here you will find a variety of different media products for immediate use in class. In the respective data sheets, which you can download for the media products, you will find further information on content and integration in everyday school life.

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Orang-Utan Henry und Benni

edutales, an orangutan and saving the rainforest

7. March 2022 SESAM

Our media product “Henry/ Matthew Eagleman and the Rainforest Mission” deals, among other things, with an orangutan who lives in the rainforest of Borneo and...

Studierende erarbeiten gemeinsam ein Storytelling-Produkt

Storytelling in teaching: 6-week seminar for teacher training students

8. December 2021 SESAM

What is actually so innovative about storytelling? How do you use it in class? And how can this format change the classic teaching-learning relationship? A...

Studierende arbeiten an ihren Medienprodukten

Interactive and innovative media products for edutales

8. December 2021 SESAM

For a whole semester, numerous teaching staff learned more about Open Educational Resources (OER), gamification, the relevance of media education in teaching and of course...


SESAM GR: Education and Other Stories

20. April 2021 SESAM

Teaching and Learning through Storytelling? SESAM makes it possible. SESAM GR ’is a cross-border project of more than 20 partners from the regions of Lorraine,...